Richard Storm Bio

Location: Houston, Texas, USA
Age: Unknown

Richard Storm, a Texas native, loved Techno music pretty close at the start of the rave movement in Texas when he first heard his first Techno song (Microchip League – New York, New York) at a mall in 1987. After graduating high school, Richard moved away from Texas to Frankfurt, Germany in 1993. In 1994, he started learning how to deejay after being amazed at watching the German trance DJs hypnotize the people on the floor.

At first, he deejayed with CDs until 1995 when he first bought vinyl. He loved the feel of vinyl, the sound of vinyl, and the exclusive underground Techno music only found on vinyl. He has been a vinyl freak ever since. Richard eventually played at small parties until his skills were honed enough to play in the clubs and at the bigger parties throughout Germany.

Richard left Germany in 2001 and became actively involved with the rave scene in Arizona, in Texas, and in Mexico, in which he became a popular local Hard Trance & Club Trance DJ. His involvement with the underground and mainstream rave scene also included in bookings of out of state DJs and local DJs within the area and setting up events. He also formed Unified Music International and booked DJs for his parties in Arizona and Colorado.

He left moved back to Germany in 2006 and started hosting weekly live vinyl mix shows for FM radio Example FM from Warrington (UK). He rocked the listeners from the UK, throughout Europe, to Colorado with his German style trance. He was eventually voted Example FM’s trance DJ of the year by the Example FM listeners in Warrington and the surrounding areas. He eventually moved back to the states from Germany and rocked the people on the floor in various cities in Arizona, Texas, and Georgia. He is now back in Texas.

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