James K Bio

From the age of 16 James K was keen to learn the art of vinyl mixing, originally purchasing various styles of dance music. James knew that he wanted to play edgier harder dance music, but, being new to the DJ scene and listening to music, James found it difficult finding exactly what he was looking for.

Around the age of 18, James had been invited to a Hard House event in his home town on the Isle of Wight called Club K! The night was called Radioactive. Every Friday night, people would cue to get into the “underground” club.

From the moment James heard the Hard House pumping through his chest, he knew that this was the music that he wanted to play!

Every weekend turned into a vinyl Hard House hunt at the record stores, purchasing vinyl on labels such as , Tidy Trax, Nukleuz, Shock, Tripoli, Vicious Circle and so on. Looking up to legends in the scene, such as Andy Farley, BK, Tidy Boys, Ian M to name a few, James dreamed of playing in the big clubs and having his own record releases. James started off slow, getting the opportunity to run a regular Hard House night at what use to be called Club K. The night was called Adrenaline, which gained popularity very quickly. Wanting bigger things, James knew he had to get off the island, so moved to the midlands and started learning to produce music, whilst getting gigs at events such as Storm, Tidy, Sundisential, Rocked, Xstatic Atomic Weekender, even playing in Ibiza and Amsterdam.

Working with producers such as Ben Stevens, and Rodi Style, James has learned to write music himself and built his own home studio.
James has released a number of tracks over the years, having them signed to Killertrax, Nu-Skool recordings, Vicious Circle, Kung Fu Wax and his own record label Adrenaline.

After having a short break from the scene, James is back with some new material due out over the next few months.

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