3 of my favourite tracks with Mitsilee

3 of my favourite tracks with Mitsilee

Sunday, 19 February 2017
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In no particular order, 3 of my favourite tracks 🙂


Tall Paul – Rock Da House

Kicking it off with a monster house track in the form of ‘Tall Paul – Rock Da House’. This was actually my first ever purchase of a vinyl despite the fact I didn’t actually own a set of decks to play it on! Move it, Move it, Just let the record spin!

Hampenberg – Don’t Lie To Me

Released in 2002 on the ‘Duck Off’ album by artist ‘Morten Hampenberg’, ‘Don’t Lie To Me’ was a Spanish import vinyl on the ‘Vale Music’ record label. The record was a firm favourite and exclusive to the ‘Nicky B’ show on Manchester’s underground radio Station ‘Mixology FM’.

David Morales Presents – Needin’ You (Original Mistake)

Fond memories of dancing the night away in Mr Smiths (Warrington) to this one. Some amazing nights with fantastic company. Possibly one of the best ever Piano House tracks? Released in 1998 on the UK record label ‘Manifesto’.


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